2023 Budget Amendments: Tell the Virginia General Assembly that Vulnerable Virginians Need Medical Coverage

Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

VPLC encourages Virginians to contact lawmakers and ask them to support Senate Budget Amendment item 308 #16s and House Budget Amendment item 304 #12h.


These proposals are not an expansion of Medicaid eligibility. They simply eliminate unnecessary and burdensome processes, benefiting both administrators and consumers. 

Senate Finance & Appropriations Committee/ Health & Human Resources Subcommittee:

Sen. Howell [email protected] 804-698-7532 

Sen. Hanger [email protected] 804-698-7524 

Sen. Vogel [email protected] 804-698-7527 

Sen. Barker [email protected] 804-698-7539 

Sen. Deeds [email protected] 804-698-7525  

Sen. Ebbin [email protected] 804-698-7530 

Sen. McClellan   [email protected] 804-698-7509 


House Appropriations/ Health & Human Resources Subcommittee: 

[email protected] 804-698-1059 

[email protected] 804-698-1064 

[email protected] 804-698-1098 

[email protected] 804-698-1062 

[email protected] 804-698-1004 

[email protected] 804-698-1043 

[email protected] 804-698-1069 

[email protected] 804-698-1011 

[email protected] 804-698-1081 

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