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Family Advocacy

Families in Virginia need information about and access to programs, policies, and solutions that not only impact their lives today, but help them plan for tomorrow. Advocacy on behalf of children and parents helps elected officials and stakeholders understand what is needed to maintain stability for low-income families.

Victims of domestic and sexual violence and those who represent them need tools to navigate the legal pathways available. Elderly Virginians should be able to plan for and have access to assisted living facilities, living wills, and powers of attorney. Families dealing with divorce, custody issues, and visitation rights need help understanding the complicated laws dictating these matters.

We can help.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Law

There are local legal aid programs throughout Virginia that support victims. We train local advocates, improve legislation, and assist victims in knowing their rights and the places to go to best access them.

Elder Law

Elderly Virginians are among our most vulnerable citizens. We work with various agencies, advocates, and ombudsmen to ensure sound public policy, train those who represent the elderly, and help to locate local legal aid services for parents and grandparents in need.

Family & child Welfare Law

Many issues can rupture the family unit. Whether it is divorce, custody, visitation, or child/spousal support, we seek to help people understand their rights and where to go for help.