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Access to health care and food is critically important to low-income Virginians. If you rely on programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, or FAMIS, we’re working with coalitions pursuing the same goals. Likewise, if you rely on state or federal programs like SNAP, TANF, or Social Security, your access and rights are important to us.

Whether you’re in need of services or serve as a caregiver to another, we can work as advocates, trainers, or help to find representation for children, pregnant women, the elderly, and others needing health care services.


Public health insurance involves navigating complex laws and policies. Through advocacy, training, and support of legal aid programs throughout Virginia, we help you discover available services and protections.


Many of the problems public assistance recipients have, are the result of a lack of information or misinformation. We offer nonpartisan information about matters affecting the poor and vulnerable in our society, work with attorneys throughout Virginia to help their low-income clients, and educate people on the benefits of using these programs.