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Economic Justice

A fair and thriving marketplace demands that consumer’s rights be respected and protected. This includes consumers of credit unions, banks, loan companies, rental properties, consumer goods, and more.

These issues often impact low-income Virginians the hardest. We can help pinpoint government programs, legislation, and other resources available that will benefit those living in low-income households. This includes advocacy training and directing consumers to representation.


We’re focused on empowering consumers with knowledge and action steps before and after consumer transactions, and represent low-income consumers in the legislature and when necessary to help a broader range of consumers, in the courts.


Our Housing work focuses on numerous issues, including relations between landlords and renters, sellers and buyers, ownership disputes, government-subsidized housing, manufactured housing, and more.


Our Utility work seeks to give a voice to low income Virginians on the impacts of energy costs and the need for energy efficiency measures specific to underserved communities coping with current and rising energy utility costs.