Radford, Virginia

Jae was living in a domestic violence survivors’ shelter, fearful of losing her children to an abusive husband, a US citizen. After exhausting many resources, Jae felt she was running out of time and hope. Then, she met with a VPLC domestic violence and sexual assault attorney. The attorney filed a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Self-Petition so that Jae could obtain legal status in the United States. Jae credits the legal aid attorney with helping her transition to a life of freedom from her abuser, and for giving her hope that she and her children would have a future free of fear.

Leaving an abusive relationship took courage. Jae, who has custody of her children now, wants to leave a legacy as a good mother who was not afraid to fight for her dreams. In her relaxing moments, Jae likes to do things with her children that lead to laughter. When asked what she’d like people to know about her, Jae responded: “That I am happy to take space in this life because I’m worth it. I am free.”