Chesapeake, Virginia

A Massachusetts native, Kathy has lived in Virginia almost half her life. Her outgoing nature is a perfect match for the work she does: as a civic league president, she gathers information and insights from her neighbors within their mobile home community and advocates for them collectively. Katherine has educated herself on zoning, neighborhood infrastructure, and municipal law as it pertains to mobile home communities. She’s a vocal advocate for mobile home parks as a viable, affordable housing option. Upon learning that her community might face closure, Kathy rallied her neighbors to demand that the City and the developer offset the loss to the community by providing comprehensive relocation assistance. Now, if the park closes, all the current residents will receive extensive financial and practical support. Kathy regularly meets with her neighbors to ensure they are connected with every resource possible. She, like her neighbors, takes pride in their community, and they are all willing to hold their park owner accountable.