Melissa & Loretta

Honaker, Virginia

Born and bred in Davenport, Missy likes to go camping with her family in Honaker. Her father lives half a mile away, and her daughters also live within a few miles. Missy is the energy center of her four-generation family: she babysits her grandchildren, helps take care of her father so he can live independently, and can “fix or build anything.”

Loretta graduated from nursing school with honors and worked in the field of nursing until an opioid addiction ended her medical career. Now in long- term recovery, Loretta is the “nurse” of the family and works two part-time jobs to equal a full-time income. Missy and Loretta met through mutual friends and married soon after. The couple depends on the Rapid Access to Medical Clinic (RAM) events to keep healthy and travels yearly to the fairgrounds in Wise County for their healthcare needs.