HB1692: Hurts Unrepresented Parties in Family Law Cases

Friday, February 10th, 2017

 HB1692 (Collins) would make family law litigation more difficult for those without an attorney


  • Simply put, there are not enough legal aid or pro bono attorneys to meet the need in family law cases in Virginia.


HB1692 relates to family law cases in which some matters may be decided by the Juvenile & Domestic Relations court (lower court), while others are heard in the Circuit court (upper court).

Often, when a Circuit court has heard some matters in the case, it refers others back to the Domestic Relations court for further proceedings.  HB1692 would make it the default that motions in these cases be heard in Circuit court, rather than being remanded to Domestic Relations court.

The below fact sheet provides more information why this bill would create a larger disadvantage for those who have to represent themselves in court in a family law matter.

Click the fact sheet below to open. Feel free to print and distribute and/or e-mail to your network.


VPLC-Factsheet-2017 HB1692

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