Keep New Funding for Adult Protective Services

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Oppose Budget Amendment Item 334 #1s

Item 334 #1s removes $100,000 from the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Adult Protective Services budget. Without this funding, Adult Protective Services (APS) will not be able to increase staffing in its statewide office. The statewide office provides direct support to local department of social services’ APS units.

Protect Vulnerable Adults

Local APS workers are often the frontline defense for vulnerable adults. They fields tens of thousands of reports regarding abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation yearly.

With increased staffing, the statewide APS office can better assist local APS investigators by offering guidance, providing training opportunities, and identifying policy issues.

A strong and effective APS program saves Virginians money. A 2016 report from DARS estimated over $28 million lost due to adult financial exploitation in 2015 alone.

Virginia Poverty Law Center urges representatives to keep the additional $100,000 for Adult Protective Services to help protect low-income, vulnerable adults.

To learn more, contact Davis Creef:, (804) 351-5273

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