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Rights for all Virginians, especially our neediest and most vulnerable, are often defined and advanced through Congress, the Virginia General Assembly, localities, and regulatory agencies. We are a voice to preserve important programs, advance new initiatives, and speak out against measures that we believe would cause harm. Our efforts under this center provide information and education for everyone, from those facing issues of poverty to those creating laws that exacerbate or alleviate those issues. We provide platforms for understanding.

The Center for Community Support provides support for the legal aid community and the public through our Communications, Training, and Educational Outreach. In each area, we strive to keep the public and our constituencies aware of the issues faced by low-income people across Virginia, how they can get involved in advocacy, and how they can help us in fighting back. We also work with others to develop initiatives that better inform and serve communities around Virginia with respect to rights and access to justice, whatever the civil legal issue. We educate on and help raise the voice and profile of issues facing low-income Virginians.

Related Topics

Legislative Advocacy:
Each year, Virginia’s General Assembly meets to structure and debate the laws and regulations that directly impact our low-income and vulnerable citizens. VPLC tracks, proposes and advocates around on laws and regulations at every level to ensure low -income Virginians’ interests and needs are represented well before issues make their way to the courts. We work to protect and enhance rights on civil legal issues.

Special Initiatives:
No matter where you reside in Virginia, access to things like healthy meals, affordable energy, and gainful employment are basic needs. These specific and targeted programs provide assistance and better serve our communities.


A cornerstone of our training programs is our annual Legal Aid Conference.


We can help groups, professionals, and private individuals to better understand civil laws and the rights provided by them.


Our staff is available to speak on many specific areas of law.