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Monday, March 12th, 2012

For media and interview requests, please send inquiries to:

Jay Speer, Executive Director

T (804) 782-9430 ext. 109  |   F (804) 649-0974   |   E [email protected]

The following attorneys are available to speak on specific areas of law:

Consumer law, including payday and car title lending issues and foreclosure:
Jay Speer, 804.782.9430 x 109, [email protected]
Dana Wiggins, 804.782.9430 x 110, [email protected]

Domestic and sexual violence law
Susheela Varky, 804.782.9430 x 204, [email protected]

Elder law, including nursing home/assisted living issues and Medicaid eligibility and planning
Kathy Pryor, 804.782.9430 x 203, [email protected]
Davis Creef, 804.782.9430 x200, [email protected]

Family law, including foster care, adoption and divorce
Valerie L’Herrou, 804.782.9430 x 201, [email protected]

Health law, including public health programs and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Jill Hanken, 804.782.9430 x 104, [email protected]

Housing law, including landlord/tenant issues
Eric Dunn, 804.782.9430 x 102, [email protected]

Public benefits law, including unemployment compensation, TANF and food stamps
Regenea Hurte, 804.782.9430 x 105, [email protected]

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