Parents Need Better Legal Protection

Friday, January 26th, 2024

Parents need better legal representation

When it comes to child dependency cases, judges say they cannot find attorneys willing to take cases. Parents say attorneys don’t take their calls and don’t advocate for them in court.

Virginia is ranked 47th out of 50 states in finding a permanent family for children who otherwise age out of foster care.

House Bill 893 (McClure) would provide high-quality, multi-disciplinary legal services for parents, vastly improving the outcomes for children in foster care.

The legislation would also save the state money. If Virginia’s 5,000 children in foster care spent one month less in care, Virginia would save more that $25 million each year.

Contact your members of the House Courts Committee and ask them to SUPPORT HB893 to create standards for parent’s attorneys, Pilot Multi-disciplinary Legal Offices, and the Parent Advocacy Commission.

Don’t know your legislator?  Click here.


Patrick Hope (Chair)

Marcus Simon (Vice Chair)

Vivian Watts

Ripp Sullivan

Karrie Delaney

Michelle Maldonado

Phil Hernandez

Rae Cousins

Atoosa Reaser

Joshua Thomas

Katrina Callsen

Karen Keys-Gamarra

Terry Kilgore

Jay Leftwich

Jason Ballard

Wren Williams

Amanda Batten

AC Cordoza

Jed Arnold

Will Davis

Chris Obenshain

Mark Earley

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