Payday Loan Debt Relief: In Reality, Provides No Relief At All

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

“Are payday loans ruining your life? Do you have more payday loans than you’re able to pay back right now? If you have two or more payday cash advance loans, listen closely…call Payday Loan Debt Relief.”

NO!  Don’t call them.  They will take your money and run..leaving you in worse shape.  This according to the Federal Trade Commission that just sued the Payday Support Center.

The FTC alleges that the defendants induce consumers into enrolling in their “financial hardship program” by claiming that they will negotiate with the lenders to reduce consumers’ payments and eliminate their debt. They advise consumers to stop making direct payments to their lenders and to pay money to the defendants instead, promising that within four to six months, the loans will be paid off.  In reality, the FTC alleges, the defendants provide little or no debt relief services for their clients, and their limited actions do not generally eliminate or even reduce most clients’ payday loans.

VPLC has had several people call us about the Payday Support Center and we can confirm that the FTC is absolutely correct.

So, if you live in Virginia and answer yes to any of these questions:

Are you in trouble with payday loans?

Are payday loans ruining your life?

Are you thinking about getting a payday loan?

CALL our payday loan hotline for FREE legal and practical advice:  1-866-830-4551.

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