Support Bills That Will Help Keep Vulnerable Children In School

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Long-term suspensions are harmful to children.  Students excluded from school are more likely to experience academic and social deficits, drop out of school, and be at risk for mental health and substance abuse issues.

VPLC currently supports HB1534 & HB1536 (Del. Bell)

Additionally, we appreciate the following bills SB995 & SB997 (Sen. Stanley); SB1163 (Sen. Reeves); ; as well as HB1924 (Del. Bagby); and HB1839 (Del. LaRock).

The updated fact sheet below provides more information why long-term suspensions are harmful to our children.

Click to open.  Feel free to print and distribute and/or e-mail to your network.


VPLC-Factsheet-2017 School Discipline bills


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