Jill Hanken’s Remarks at Healthcare Rally 3-1-18 Governor Northam’s Remarks at Medicaid Expansion Rally 3-1-18

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Support William’s Christmas Wish

You’re most likely deep in holiday preparations. It’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy friends and family and pass along best wishes for good health, comfort, and joy. ‘Tis the Season! Access to affordable health care may not be on your list this year but see the young man in the brown jacket in […]

Virginians Need Medicaid Expansion

Jill Hanken, VPLC’s Director of Healthy Communities, letter to the editor was featured as the Correspondent of the Day, Tuesday, March 7, 2017, in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a link on their website to the letter.  Therefore below is a scan of Jill’s letter, explaining how Medicaid expansion could assist thousands […]

Faces of Virginia’s Coverage Gap

See the faces and read the stories of everyday Virginians’ struggle with healthcare access under our current system without Medicaid expansion. ‘Faces of Virginia’s Coverage Gap’, is a storybook that highlights the real need for expanding coverage to the many people of the commonwealth caught in the gap. They are hard-working, in need of basic […]

How can Virginia celebrate the Medicaid 50th anniversary? – Closing the Coverage Gap

On its 50th anniversary, it’s important to remember that the Medicaid program has helped make millions of Americans healthier by improving access to preventive and primary care and by providing care for serious diseases. Medicaid also covers most of the nursing home and other long term care services needed by Americans. In Virginia, about one […]

Without Medicaid Expansion, VA Paying More to Get Less

By Dan Heyman, Public News Service- VA By choosing not to expand Medicaid, health policy and budget analysts say the General Assembly has put the state in the position of paying more to get less. Virginia lawmakers are expected to fund more than $120 million to provide health coverage for about 50,000 additional state residents. […]

In Session: Close the Medicaid Coverage Gap for Up To 400,000 Low-Income Virginians

  We are at a critical point now in our efforts to expand Virginia’s Medicaid program to cover up to 400,000 low income adults who have income below 138% of the federal poverty line. (e.g. $16, 243 /yr for an individual; $33,465/yr for a family of 4). This is our 3rd year trying to secure […]

Hazel Says U.S. Health Care Funds Could Narrow VA Budget Gap

By Andrew Cain, Richmond Times-Dispatch If Medicaid expansion began in Virginia on July 1, Virginia would take in more than $230 million in federal offsets that would alleviate 71 percent of the state’s $322 million budget gap, according to Bill Hazel, the state secretary of Health and Human Resources. “The governor is fairly committed to […]

The Case for Medicaid Expansion

  Governor McAuliffe vowed to move forward with Medicaid Expansion in Virginia at a press conference on June 20. Despite attempts by the legislature to derail his efforts, the Governor made clear that his promise to expand Medicaid to 400,000 uninsured Virginians would not go unmet. Why is Medicaid expansion such an important issue to […]

Minding the Gap

By Tina Eshleman, Richmond Magazine The health-insurance marketplaces established by the federal Affordable Care Act are intended to make insurance accessible to those who don’t have it. But when enrollment opens Oct. 1, thousands of uninsured Virginians won’t be able to sign up. That’s because the state has not yet expanded its Medicaid program to […]

Medicaid Expansion Would Fund VRS

By Jill Hanken, Richmond Times-Dispatch Letter to the Editor Editor, Times-Dispatch: You recently urged state legislators to support the Virginia Retirement System with $320 million over the next two years (i.e., $160 million per year) before paying for the Medicaid expansion, which you correctly stated would cost Virginia $137 million over nine years (i.e., $15.2 […]

Medicaid Expansion Costs Predicted to be Far Lower than Estimated

By Michael Martz, Richmond Times-Dispatch The administration of Gov. Bob McDonnell estimates that expanding Virginia’s Medicaid program would cost the state $137.5 million over nine years, far lower than previous estimates that have ranged as high as $2.2 billion. The estimate reflects $584.3 million in expected savings in the first five years of the expansion, […]

Medicaid Expansion in VA Now Under Serious Review

By Ashley Monfort, NBC12 A hot button issue brought hundreds of demonstrators to the State Capitol on Monday. More than 200 showed up as the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission met for the first time to review changes to the Medicaid program. Both sides are giving their reasons for and against Medicaid expansion, but the commission […]

Medicaid Expansion-We Still Need Your Help!

Martha Harding cares for four grandchildren, who are on Medicaid. She works in a minimum-wage administrative job. “I don’t have insurance, and I worry about what would happen to my grandchildren if I get sick or hurt and can’t work,” she says. “Hard-working people like me, age 55 to 64, have a difficult time because […]

Group: Medicaid Expansion = 30,000 Jobs + Billions to VA Economy

By Monique Coppola, Public News Service- VA Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said in his State of the Commonwealth Address this week that he will not support the Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which is part of the federal health care reform law. The governor’s new budget reflects this decision. Jill Hanken, an attorney with the Virginia […]

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