The Bad “Welfare Bills” Bills Are Dead

 Public Benefits Legislative Update                This year, the leadership of the House of Delegates unleashed a series of attacks against SNAP (food stamps) and TANF programs in the name of “welfare reform.”  These bills were designed to cut access to both programs resulting in irreparable harm to low-income families across Virginia.  VPLC has fought […]

Action Needed – Oppose HB2213 -PLEASE CALL TODAY!

There are several very disturbing bills pending at the General Assembly that would limit/cut TANF and SNAP (food stamps) benefits. The good news is VPLC has already killed several SNAP bills that would have prohibited waivers of SNAP work requirements in areas of high unemployment/few jobs. The bad news is we are still facing TANF […]

VPLC Opposes HB 2213

VPLC Opposes HB 2213 Because It Would Hurt The Poorest Virginia Families’ Opportunities To Become Self-Sufficient And Independent.   Currently, the poorest families in Virginia can receive cash assistance from the TANF program (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) for a maximum of 60 months.  The average monthly benefit is just $267, and non-exempt adults are already […]

Just Say No

Each legislative session in recent years has ushered in multiple proposals to drug test TANF recipients. This year was no exception.  A House subcommittee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions considered three such measures earlier this week, but declined to advance either of them.  The subcommittee got it right and here’s why: There is no statewide […]

Below the Poverty Line

This year, multiple legislators have introduced bills designed to increase TANF benefits; and for good reason.  TANF, which provides cash-assistance for low-income families with children, has weakened considerably as a safety net.  Since 1996, the value of program benefits has declined by 28% in Virginia.  Current benefit levels can leave family incomes well below the […]

In Session: Long-term Enhancements for Temporary Assistance are Overdue

This morning, the Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services will consider two bills to improve Virginia’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, also known as TANF.  One of those bills, SB 802, would pave the way for periodic increases in benefit amounts.  TANF provides cash assistance for Virginia’s poorest families with children.  However, benefit […]

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