Transparency Virginia

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

VPLC recently joined TV.  Not television, but Transparency Virginia.  TV is a coalition that seeks to bring the people’s business closer to the people.  We want to make the legislative process in Virginia as open and transparent to the public as possible. During the 2015 session we will:

  • Meeting notices: Notice should give the public adequate time to attend and/or give testimony.
  • Consideration: All of a sub/committee’s assigned bills should be heard before the end of its last meeting, both before crossover and before session adjourns.
  • Votes: Sub/committee votes should be recorded – by show of hands or roll call – on all votes, including votes not to recommend and included in the Legislative Information System.

We ask that legislators support these best practices to enhance transparency in the legislative process.

Coalition members will be monitoring the session in a non-partisan, non-ideological and non-confrontational manner to report on whether these rules are followed.  Citizens’ ability to observe the legislative process and to engage in that process is part of the rich tradition here in Virginia and across the country and we will work to preserve this tradition.

VPLC is proud to part of this effort and we thank the League of Women Voters for their leadership in this effort.  Here is an article about our press conference on January 13.

Click here for an announcement about the coalition.

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