VPLC 2019 Legislative Priorities

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

2019 General Assembly Session Begins January 9th

Check out the VPLC 2019 Legislative Agenda!

Housing | Consumer | Utility Fairness

  • Evictions Suite of Legislation:
  • Reciprocity of Attorney’s fees
  • Increase the time tenants have to “pay to stay”
  • Limit to filing only one case at a time against a tenant who is behind on rent
  • Prohibit evictions based solely on unpaid late fees
  • Requiring landlords to offer written leases
  • Funding for pilot eviction prevention program
  • Eviction Diversion Pilot Program in three courts


  • Eliminating Discrimination in Housing based on Source of Income
  • Supporting a Refundable State Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Supporting Consumer Finance Act Changes that help regulate Internet lending
  • Supporting Regulation of Open-End Credit in the Same Manner as Other Similar Forms of Lending
  • Supporting a Borrower’s Bill of Rights with respect to Student Loans Servicing in Virginia
  • Giving Utility Customers more protection of their data with an opt-in provision over non-utility service use.


 Domestic and Sexual Violence | Elder Law | Family Law and Child Welfare

  • Supporting a Longer Term Protective Order When there is a Conviction
  • Supporting In-Camera Interviews with Children in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts
  • Supporting Long-term Care Ombudsmen – Funding
  • Supporting Guardian Reporting Requirements
  • Supporting the Creation of Temporary Conservatorships
  • Supporting the initial steps to implement the federal Family First Prevention Services Act
  • Supporting streamlining the no-fault divorce process, to make it easier for self-represented litigants to file uncontested divorces.
  • Supporting making changes in Virginia’s anti-SLAPP laws to protect statements made by victims of intimate partner violence to police, magistrates, and in court.
  • Supporting increased protections for victims of interpersonal violence.
  • Supporting reducing barriers for youth in foster care to obtain driver’s licenses.
  • Supporting bringing additional supports to the kinship caregivers.
  • Supporting a requirement to track data on children diverted from foster care.
  • Supporting a freeze on credit for children who are in foster care for more than 90 days to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Supporting clarifying Virginia’s laws relating to mothers with substance abuse disorders and their infants, to encourage prenatal care and support the mother/child dyad.
  • Increase accountability of Child Protective Services and Foster Care by clarifying and strengthening the authority of the Virginia Department of Social Services.
  • Supporting increased DSS staff capacity at the regional level and better pay for frontline workers.
  • Supporting creation of a children’s ombudsman as an independent investigative office.


Health Law | Public Benefits Law | Reducing Hunger

  •  Ensure successful implementation of Medicaid Expansion and oppose work requirements and cost-sharing that would jeopardize coverage.
  • Protect consumers from surprise medical bills and balance billing.
  • Improve the stability of the health insurance marketplace and reduce premiums and out-of-pocket insurance costs.
  • Protect immigrants’ access to health care and other public benefits programs.
  • Improve access to SNAP benefits (food stamps) through “Categorical” eligibility.
  • Eliminate the drug felony ban that limits access to TANF benefits and SNAP.
  • Increase TANF cash assistance levels.
  • Protect SNAP and TANF from harmful changes such as drug testing and mandatory E&T programs.


VPLC Access to Justice Legislative Issues

  • Reinstating Suspended Drivers Licenses for Lack of Payment on non-driving related Issues (Repeal 46.2-395)
  • Supporting efforts to clean up code language and standardize court practices pertaining to waivers of court fees for indigent litigants.

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