VPLC’s 2020 Legislative Priorities

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

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HB  789/SB 421: Virginia Fairness in Lending Act
HB 10/SB 77: Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights
HB 1391/SB 253: Oppose Removal of Homeowner Protections Against Wrongful Foreclosure

HB 1401: Remedy for Unlawful Eviction
HB 921/SB 708: Public Housing Notice
HB 1516: Rental Registry
SB 905: Repair & Deduct
SB 707: Tenant’s Right to Repairs
SB 906: Warrant of Habitability

Achieving Affordability in Virginia’s Individual Health Insurance Marketplace
Virginia Health Benefits Exchange
HB 795/SB 235: Oppose Expansion of Association Health Plans
SB 216: Oppose Expansion of Catastrophic Health Plans
SB 250: Medicare Supplemental Policies for Beneficiaries Under Age 65
HB 1037/SB 404: Regulating Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Plans (STLD)

Elder Law
SB 391: Protection from Financial Exploitation

Public Benefits
SB 715: Feminine Hygiene Product Stipend

Family and Child Welfare
SB 1032: Improve Access to Justice for Low-income Families
HB 721: Support Contact Between Birth and Adoptive Families
HB 401/SB 878: Improve Court Representation for Parents

Domestic and Sexual Violence
Firearm Restriction for Abusers with Two-year Protective Orders
HB 403: Require Private Employers to Provide “Safe Days” for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence or Stalking
HB 628: Deter and Prevent Abusers from Using Courts to Intimidate Victims (Anti-SLAPP)
SB 144: Extending Protective Orders


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