“Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building; it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society.  It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system exists…it is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.”

– Hon. Lewis F. Powell, Jr., former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States


To fight for the poor is, unfortunately, a battle that will not disappear shortly.  It’s now more vital than ever to make certain the voices of ALL people are heard in the justice and policy landscape. VPLC is that voice.

Your generous financial contribution goes directly to our work of ensuring all Virginians have access to the courts, regardless of socio-economic status.  VPLC provides statewide leadership, support, training, public education and advocacy to address the civil legal needs of Virginia’s low-income population to Virgina’s legal aid organizations, pro bono attorneys, partner agencies, elected officials and the community.

Legal Aid eligible clients consist of the working poor, families with children, senior citizens, veterans, and renters to name just a few groups.  Our friends and neighbors deserve the right to protect their civil legal interests!  Since 1978, VPLC has been committed to leading and coordinating efforts to seek justice civil legal matters for our lower income neighbors.

Your gift also advocates for laws that will enhance services and programs for our low-income friends and neighbors and fights against legislation that would negatively impact them.

You’re part of the foundation that enables us to continue being a respected state leader in civil legal poverty law issues.

We are grateful for your continuing support.  Together we form a united voice for a population whose voice is often overlooked.  Thank You!