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Utility Fairness



At VPLC, we pride our commitment to go where the needs of low-income families take us. From the bread and butter issues that have always been tackled at legal aid, such as landlord-tenant or family law issues, to new and emerging issues that have become part of the landscape or landmines affecting low-income families across the commonwealth. Utilities have always been a huge part of housing affordability, but with the cost of some utilities such as electricity and water going up more than 30 percent over the last 10 years, and the simple fact that most utility services are monopolies across the state, it is a fair bet that consumers, particularly those who are low income, are not able to get the best cost for the services they have. Also many lower-income communities are at the forefront of issues dealing with the lower cost of energy efficiency and clean energy sources, but the lack of availability for those who need the true least-cost options the most.

Main Issues

  • Electric Utility Regulation
  • Affordable Clean Energy Project Initiative
  • Least-cost Energy Resources
  • Water Utility Regulation

Education, Outreach, and other Resources

We provide context to conversations around environmental justice and equity and the realities of health impacts and importance of cost to low-income consumers in the utility space.
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