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VPLC Staff

Please note that the Virginia Poverty Law Center does not provide direct legal representation except in very limited matters. If this is what you need, please call (866) 534-5243 to reach your local legal aid office. You can also visit VaLegalAid.org for other resources.

Main Number: (804) 782-9430
Fax Number: (804) 649-0974




James W. (Jay) Speer, Esq. Executive Director
Director of the Center for Economic Justice | Concentrating in Consumer Law  T: (804) 351-5268  |  E: [email protected]

Ann Voss Director of Administration  T: (804) 351-5257  |  E: [email protected]

Christine E. Marra, Esq. Director of Advocates for Credit, Employment and Shelter, a Program of the Virginia Legal Aid Community (ACES)  |  Concentrating in Community Development  T: (804) 351-5275  |  E: [email protected]

Dana Wiggins Director of the Center for Community Outreach and Affordable Clean Energy Project (ACE); VaPERL Coalition Coordinator T: (804) 351-5269  Predatory Hotline: (866) 830-4501  |  E: [email protected]

Jill A. Hanken, Esq. Director of the Center for Healthy Communities and ENROLL! Virginia  |  Concentrating in Health Law  T: (804) 351-5258  |  E: [email protected]

Susheela Varky, Esq. Director of the Center for Family Advocacy and Legal Assistance for Victim-Immigrants of Domestic Abuse (LA VIDA)  | Concentrating in Domestic and Sexual Violence Law  T: (804) 351-5274  |  E: [email protected]

Teresa (Toni) Maxey Director of Development  T: (804) 351-5263  |  E: [email protected]




Jamshid Bakhtiari Community Organizer – Affordable Clean Energy Project  T: (804) 801-8970  |  E: [email protected]

Salaam Bhatti, Esq. Concentrating in Public Benefits Law; Director – Virginia Hunger Solutions  T: (804) 351-5265  |  E: [email protected]

Carmen Bingham Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Project Coordinator  T: (804) 980-5467  |  E: [email protected]

Sara Cariano ENROLL Virginia Policy Specialist and Lead Health Insurance Navigator  T: (804) 332-1432  |  E: [email protected]

Joe Ciszek, Esq. Campaign for Affordable Mobile Home Parks (CAMHP) Attorney  T: (804) 544-1000  |  E: [email protected]

Natasha Evans Legal Aid Education Manager  |  Statewide Website Coordinator (www.valegalaid.org)  T: (804) 351-5261  |  E: [email protected]

Steve Fischbach, Esq. Litigation Director  T: (804) 351-5266  |  E: [email protected]

Daryl Hayott Equal Justice Works Housing Justice Program Fellow  T: (804) 517-0938E: [email protected]

Monica Lauw Communications Manager  T: (804) 649-0974  |  E: [email protected]

Valerie L’Herrou, Esq. Staff Attorney – Center for Family Advocacy |  Concentrating in Family & Child Welfare Law  T: (804) 351-5276  |  E: [email protected]

Deepak Madala, Esq. Staff Attorney  |  ENROLL Virginia Program Manager and Health Insurance Navigator  T: (804) 432-0199  |  E: [email protected]

Kathleen Murphy Child Nutrition Specialist – Virginia Hunger Solutions | Concentrating in Food Security for Children  T: (804) 351-5267  |  E: [email protected]

Vanessa Paster, Esq. Staff Attorney – Center for Family Advocacy | LA VIDA (Legal Assistance for Victim-Immigrants of Domestic Abuse)  T: (804) 351-5259  |  E: [email protected]

Amber Porón ENROLL Virginia Hispanic Education and Outreach Coordinator and Health Insurance Navigator  T: (804) 432-9874  |  E: [email protected]

Phil Storey, Esq. Campaign to Reduce Evictions (CARE) Attorney  T: (804) 418-3210  |  E: [email protected]