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What is the Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC)?

The Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC) works for civil justice for lower income Virginians. Since 1978, we have worked with legal aid programs, community organizations, and private attorneys throughout Virginia to provide assistance and training to attorneys, paralegals, clients and other advocates.  VPLC engages in litigation, education, and lobbying to obtain justice for low-income Virginians.


Does VPLC provide direct legal assistance?

VPLC has a senior legal helpline (844) 802-5910, a predatory loan hotline (866) 855-4501 and we assist certain immigrant victims of domestic or sexual abuse.  If you need assistance with another civil matter call (866) 534-5243 to find your local legal aid office. Legal aid programs serve every city and county in Virginia. VPLC and legal aid offices cannot assist with criminal matters. 


What is legal aid?

Legal aids are private, non-profit law firms that provide a full range of free civil legal services to low-income people. These law firms serve every city and county in Virginia and handle civil (not criminal) cases involving a wide range of issues, including child custody, housing, public benefits, consumer law, health law, and elder law. For more information about Virginia Legal Aid programs visit https://www.valegalaid.org/.


Is the Virginia Poverty Law Center related to the Southern Poverty Law Center?

No, the Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC) is not affiliated with or related to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC is a non-profit legal advocacy organization based in Montgomery, Alabama.


What is the Senior Legal Helpline?

The Senior Legal Helpline is toll-free number (844) 802-5910 for Virginians aged 60 and older and for those calling on their behalf. We provide assistance to seniors on the following topics:

• long term care issues
• public benefits (including Medicaid, SSI, and Social Security, Medicare)
• guardianship and alternatives to guardianship
• financial exploitation
• adult abuse and neglect
• age discrimination
• as well as some limited consumer issues

The helpline is made possible through a partnership with the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.  Funding was made possible through the Legal Assistance Systems grant from the Administration on Community Living. Please direct any questions or suggestions about the helpline to VPLC elder law attorneys Kathy Pryor ([email protected]) and Davis Creef ([email protected]).