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ENROLL Virginia

Enroll Virginia is a community-based organization supported by legal aid professionals from across the state to help consumers and small businesses understand health coverage options available to them. All navigators for Enroll Virginia are trained and certified by the Virginia Bureau of Insurance to provide free, non-partisan, non-biased education and assistance to consumers with Medicaid, FAMIS and coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act.

For the uninsured, or recently uninsured, attempting to enroll in a health coverage plan through the Marketplace or Medicaid/FAMIS for the first time can be daunting due to the complex nature of these programs and their policies. Enroll Virginia navigators help bridge that gap by educating consumers on what their health coverage options are and by providing one-on-one assistance with the application and enrollment processes. Navigators also advocate for consumers by helping them file appeals when necessary.

Enroll Virginia navigators are a direct line of aid to thousands of Virginians each year seeking to understand health insurance eligibility requirements, enrollment procedures, and the selection/use of a health plan.

Since it was founded in 2013, Enroll Virginia has assisted more than 150,000 Virginians in learning more about their health coverage options.

  • On average, Navigators enroll 6,000 individuals every year in Marketplace plans and Medicaid/FAMIS.
  • Enroll Virginia’s statewide network includes more than 150 application-assistance locations.
  • Outreach teams and navigators host more than 200 events each year to educate diverse populations on their health coverage options, reaching more than 18,000 residents annually.


Enroll Virginia Stories

Enroll Virginia makes a direct and immediate impact on people’s lives by helping them understand their options and enrolling them in health coverage plans. Below are quotes from just a few of the individuals who Enroll Virginia navigators helped.

“Enroll Virginia helped me to feel supported by my community, more informed, and empowered to make better decisions and ask more questions. I now will have health insurance in 2021, and that relieves an enormous amount of stress that builds each day.”

“Enroll Virginia helped me understand the ACA, find and secure health insurance for myself through the Marketplace, create a pathway for several peers who also needed help navigating the Marketplace, and as a result a handful of us are now enrolled in health insurance for the upcoming year.”

“I worked with a Enroll Virginia navigator and she went above and beyond the call of duty to get me enrolled during a trying time. She was very caring and provided me with a safe harbor in a difficult situation. It gave me a peace of mind that I would have insurance when the first of the year starts.”


Additional Information & Resources

If you need assistance with health coverage, connect with an Enroll Virginia navigator in your community for a one-on-one meeting. Visit here to learn more and find a navigator in your closest navigator or call Enroll Virginia’s helpline, (888) 392-5132.

To see the latest news and updates regarding Enroll Virginia, visit here.