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Legislative Advocacy

Virginia Poverty Law Center dedicates a significant amount of work to advocacy at the state level during the Virginia General Assembly session. Every year, when the state’s legislators congregate in Virginia’s capital, VPLC advocates meet with lawmakers to defend, preserve, and enhance opportunities for low-income Virginians in the areas of public benefits and health insurance, family and child welfare, domestic and sexual violence, housing, and consumer protections.

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VPLC Fact Sheets

HB  789/SB 421: Virginia Fairness in Lending Act
HB 10/SB 77: Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights

HB 1401: Remedy for Unlawful Eviction
HB 921/SB 708: Public Housing Notice
HB 1516: Rental Registry
SB 905: Repair & Deduct
SB 707: Tenant’s Right to Repairs
SB 906: Warrant of Habitability

Achieving Affordability in Virginia’s Individual Health Insurance Marketplace
Virginia Health Benefits Exchange
Budget Item 303.XXX: End the Medicaid 40-quarter Rule for Legal Immigrants
HB 795/SB 235: Oppose Expansion of Association Health Plans
SB 216: Oppose Expansion of Catastrophic Health Plans
SB 250: Medicare Supplemental Policies for Beneficiaries Under Age 65
HB 1037/SB 404: Regulating Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Plans (STLD)
Surprise Billing Solutions
HB 531: Help Families Pay for Health Insurance
Top Health Budget Items

Elder Law
SB 391: Protection from Financial Exploitation
Defense of 391
HB 902/SB 902: Oppose and Protect Rights of Vulnerable Adults

Public Benefits
SB 715: Feminine Hygiene Product Stipend
SB 124: Repeal Drug Felon Ban

Family and Child Welfare
SB 1032: Improve Access to Justice for Low-income Families
HB 721: Support Contact Between Birth and Adoptive Families
HB 401/SB 878: Improve Court Representation for Parents

Domestic and Sexual Violence
Firearm Restriction for Abusers with Two-year Protective Orders
HB 403: Require Private Employers to Provide “Safe Days” for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence or Stalking
HB 628: Deter and Prevent Abusers from Using Courts to Intimidate Victims (Anti-SLAPP)
SB 144: Extending Protective Orders