Stop the Spread of Junk Fees

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Protect Virginia Consumers: Vote YES on SB 388 (Pekarsky)

TAKE ACTION! Please contact the legislator who represents you in the House of Delegates and urge them to vote yes on SB 388. Tell them about the worst junk fees you have seen!

  • This bill requires the disclosure of all mandatory fees and charges included in the advertised and displayed price of any good or service. This would create a clear, upfront picture of the total cost of a product.
  • Junk fees are frustrating and lead to higher consumer prices and reduced economic competition. It is particularly harmful for low-income consumers who must make their limited income stretch to buy necessities.
  • This bill promotes fairness and competition in our economy. Consumers can properly compare the price of goods and services. Fair competition demands that sellers who disclose are not seen as higher priced than those that hide fees.
  • NO businesses should be exempted from this legislation because consumers and sellers deserve a fair marketplace for all goods and services.
  • Consumers can only realize the full benefit of the free market if they are able to view the actual price of products for sale and purchase the one that they can afford, and that provides the most value.
  • Junk fees degrade consumers’ ability to comparison shop by confusing them about the true price, enticing – or even tricking – them into paying more than they should, and reducing companies’ incentives to compete with higher quality or lower costs.
  • A December 2023 survey of voters across the country reports that over 77% of voters — including 81% of Democrats, 78% of Independents, and 72% of Republicans – support federal junk fee prevention legislation like SB388.

Also, VPLC is compiling a list of the junkiest of the junk. Send your most annoying trash fee to

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