First RAM Clinic to Southside VA Sponsored by Healthcare Navigator

Monday, June 26th, 2017

VPLC Healthcare Navigator team joins effort to bring healthcare clinic to Southside Virginia

RAM Emporia Vision Clinic

Elise Brown, a healthcare navigator in Emporia, VA, took on the massive undertaking of getting the RAM (Remote Area Medical) clinic, famous for providing healthcare to thousands in Southwest Virginia, to the Southside region. Emporia and other parts of  Southside Virginia have many people in need of Medical care live in the Medicaid Gap.

Picture of Emporia RAM Clinic Event ENROLL! Virginia Healthcare Navigator team

Pictured are ENROLL! Virginia Healthcare Navigators Andrea Mora, Deepak Madala, Elizabeth Cunningham, and Sara Cariano

A team of ENROLL! Virginia healthcare navigators from Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC) and the Virginia Legal Aid Society (VLAS) joined  VLAS’s Elise Brown to enroll people in health insurance while the RAM Clinic provided health, dental and vision screenings at Greensville High School. The collaborative effort  had  664 patients who were able to register and $250,469 in services had been provided in the one-day clinic. VPLC would like to thank Elise for being persistent to bring the RAM Clinic to her community, the RAM Clinic who provides essential services and gives hope to many who would otherwise be without access to healthcare, and lastly to the many volunteers including the VPLC navigator team, as such events would not be possible without their help. This is the first time the RAM clinic came to Southside Virginia to provided free medical, dental and vision services, and we hope that there will be more events to come help to lower-income residents from Emporia and other parts of the Southside region.

RAM Clinic In Emporia Participants getting treament

RAM Clinic In Emporia Participants getting treament

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