Virginia Beach, Virginia

An activist, cancer survivor, grandmother to nine, and fan of the 1960’s cowboy series, “Maverick,” Debra is a woman with many tales to tell. Debra’s mission is to advocate for herself and her fellow community members. In addition to all the other things she does, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Poverty Law Center. Debra has connected family, friends, and neighbors to civil legal services for assistance with predatory lending, landlord/tenant issues, and other public benefits problems. When asked how she handles all that she does, Debra described herself as a “one-a- day girl,” only managing her tasks and goals on a day-to- day basis. Her drive to serve others inspires many; however, it is not just her activism that inspires those around her. Debra struggled to beat cancer and has now inspired her granddaughter to pursue her M.D. degree so that she can one day cure cancer.