FACT SHEET: Increase SNAP Minimum Benefit for Seniors

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Senate Item 341 #1s & House Item 346 #2h | NGF $1.1M; GF $20.4  

Increase the minimum amount of SNAP benefits available to eligible individuals 60+ years of age from $23 to $48/month. This will help to offset the impact of the end of pandemic-related SNAP allotments and the impact of escalating food prices for Virginia’s most vulnerable residents.

  • Since March 2020, individuals receiving SNAP have received an “emergency allotment” – meaning they received the maximum SNAP allowance. This greatly increased the benefits received by many seniors, especially those only eligible for about the minimum of $23/month. 
  • Emergency allotments will end as of March 2023. Many seniors will see a drastic drop in their access to food.  
  • In 2022, food prices at home increased by 11.8%.i Many seniors live on fixed incomes and are unable to keep up with these costs in addition to other increases, such as housing expenses.
  • Every dollar in SNAP spent can increase GDP by $1.54.ii  

More Information: Emily Hardy • [email protected] • (804) 588-2089 | Sara Cariano • [email protected] • (804) 332 -1432 

Members of the Senate Health & Human Resources Subcommittee, part of the Senate Finance & Appropriations Committee: 

 Senator Howell [email protected] 

Senator Hanger [email protected] 

Senator Vogel [email protected] 

Senator Barker [email protected] 

Senator Deeds [email protected] 

Senator Ebbin [email protected] 

Senator McClellan [email protected] 

Members of the House Health & Human Resources Subcommittee, part of the House Appropriations Committee: 

Delegate Fariss            [email protected]

Delegate Brewer          [email protected]

Delegate Hodges         [email protected]

Delegate Coyner          [email protected].gov

Delegate Wampler      [email protected]

Delegate Sickles           [email protected]

Delegate Carr               [email protected]

Delegate Rasoul          [email protected]

Delegate Knight           [email protected]

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  1. Julia Funaki says:

    As a constitutent of Senator Janet Howell and Delegate Karen Delaney I request that you please support increasing SNAP benefits for seniors.

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