VPLC’s 2018 General Assembly Session Legislative Priorities.

Friday, January 12th, 2018

The 2018 General Assembly Session began Wednesday, January 10th, at 12 pm.

You may recall VPLC reorganized last year into a center service delivery method to better serve the legal aid community and the greater community’s needs.   Therefore, this year’s Legislative Agenda reflects the center model, with the main issues listed under The Center for Economic Justice, The Center for Healthy Communities, and The Center for Family Advocacy respectively.

We will keep you updated as much as possible during the session on how things are going,  We will be active on Facebook and Twitter-FOLLOW US!  Contact your elected official directly to let them know how you feel about any issue.

Center for Economic Justice – Jay Speer Jay@VPLC.org | 804.782.9430 x109
Center for Healthy Communities – Jill Hanken Jill@VPLC.org | 804.782.9430 x104
Center for Family Advocacy – Susheela Varky Susheela@VPLC.org | 804.782.9430 x.204

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