How to Stop Automatic Account Debits – Banks Must Comply

By Monique Coppola, Public News Service-VA April is National Financial Literacy Month, and one group would like Virginians to know that if they have ever tried to stop automatic debits from their bank account, only to be given the run-around by the bank, they do have recourse. Dana Wiggins is the director of outreach and financial advocacy for […]

Chesterfield Board Sets Policy for Alternative Lenders

By Jeremy Slayton, Richmond Times-Dispatch Chesterfield County leaders this week signed off on a strict policy that limits where financial lenders offering high-cost instant loans can operate. According to the policy, alternative lenders must maintain a minimum separation of 1 mile between closest property lines, and they are banned from locating next to residential property […]

Loans Thrive in Loopholes

Virginian-Pilot Editorial Certain products – cigarettes, medicines, booze, mortgages – are so prone to abuse that society has a clear obligation to regulate them. Government and industry rules govern their sale and purchase, their advertisement, even their use. Since long before cigarettes were restricted to buyers 18 or older, the basic regulation of such products […]

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