Combining Efforts Can Be a Win for Tenants Across the Country

Inaccuracies in records and discriminatory renting practices that haunt tenants for years might be meeting their match from a joint effort In many states, including Virginia, property management firms—particularly those which operate large, multi-family rental complexes—conduct background checks on prospective tenants and will deny admission to applicants who have been previously sued for eviction.  Frequently […]

Electric Rate and Review Freeze – Not Such a Clearly Positive Picture

  Dominion’s recent OpEd, “Why Dominion’s electric rate freeze in Virginia is good for residents” doesn’t provide a full picture of how the freeze is affecting electricity bills in Virginia.  The Virginia Poverty Law Center is concerned that Dominion’s “rate freeze” has the potential to hit Virginia’s most economically vulnerable consumers the hardest. An electricity […]

Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Corps – VISTA Member Position

 VISTA Position Available The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), in partnership with Hunger Free America, has an opening for an anti-hunger VISTA member with Virginia Hunger Solutions (FRAC’s state-based initiative headquartered in Richmond, Virginia). This position is a one-year AmeriCorps/Vista placement to help build capacity for the federal nutrition programs in Virginia.  The VISTA […]

Location is Everything – Rental Housing Discrimination as a barrier to Economic Mobility

An important focus of VPLC’s housing work is on education, litigation and policy advocacy to reduce historical patterns of residential segregation and promote diverse, inclusive communities.   This activity is heavily data-driven and centers on fair housing laws and the rights of disadvantaged populations.  But how does combatting segregation and discrimination in housing markets reduce poverty?  […]

Virginians Need Medicaid Expansion

Jill Hanken, VPLC’s Director of Healthy Communities, letter to the editor was featured as the Correspondent of the Day, Tuesday, March 7, 2017, in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a link on their website to the letter.  Therefore below is a scan of Jill’s letter, explaining how Medicaid expansion could assist thousands […]

Kristi Kelly and Len Bennett Donate Their Time and Fees to Support Legal Aid in Virginia

Virginia legal aid programs are lucky to have private lawyers who donate their time, talent, and resources to help us represent our low-income clients.  Volunteer lawyers donated over 15,000 hours serving legal aid clients last year.  Sometimes private lawyers go above and beyond to support the work of Virginia legal aid programs. Kristi Kelly of Kelly […]

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