CEP: A Pathway to Hunger-Free Schools

This upcoming school year, high poverty schools across Virginia have an opportunity to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students by utilizing an exciting new option known as the Community Eligibility Provision, or CEP. The state Department of Education released a list of schools that qualify for the option late this spring and school […]

The 50th Anniversary of SNAP & A Challenge for All of You

In his 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty in America,” urging Congress and all Americans to join him in the fight.  Many of the federal programs that began 50 years ago to help wage this war are still in existence today, including the Supplemental Nutrition […]

Thousands of Virginia Residents May Lose Insurance

By Prue Salasky, Daily Press Virginia is fourth behind Florida, Texas and Georgia in the number of enrollees who have not supplied required documentation regarding their citizenship or immigration status to support their application for insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s health marketplace exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has set Sept. 5 […]

What You Need to Know About Virginia’s Online No Fault Divorce Tool

Divorce is often said to be one of the three most stressful experiences a person faces, right up there with death and moving.  But while death and moving are both point in time experiences, occurring on a single day, a divorce can drag on for months or even years.  While often the painfully slow process […]

Survivors of Predatory Loans

To mark the end of Shark Week, we wanted to share a couple of quotes from people who called our hotline and we were able to help them escape bad loans. “This is [name omitted for privacy reasons] from King George, VA.   I got a few payday loans last year and talked to you […]

Don’t Become Shark Bait by Getting Line of Credit & Online Loans

  Monday’s blog warned of the dangers of swimming with Virginia’s payday and car title lenders.  Today we want to warn you about other dangerous predators trying to lure Virginians with promises of “Fast Cash” and “No credit/no problem” loans.  Believe it or not, these lenders are even worse than payday and car title lenders. […]

What Could Go Wrong if You Dip into Shark Infested Lending Waters

Continuing with our Shark Week theme, we wanted to dive a little deeper into what could actually go wrong if you get a car title or payday loan. VPLC operates a hotline for Virginians in trouble with or with questions about payday and car title loans.  We give advice and assistance to anyone that calls 866-830-4501. Here […]

Beware of Virginia’s “Shark” Infested Lending Waters

In honor of Shark Week, we want to ask:  Is it now safe to go in the lending waters in Virginia? Over the last several years, the Virginia General Assembly has passed legislation to regulate high-cost payday and car title lenders.  Is it now safe to borrow from these lenders?  The answer to that would […]

Sleep Tight Knowing How to Respond to Bed Bugs in your Rental Housing

Bed bugs are a serious issue that we’ve seen come up in the news a lot lately.  Local legal aid offices get a fair amount of questions on a landlord’s responsibility when it comes to bed bugs in rental housing. We wanted to clear up some misconceptions about bed first: Dirt does not cause bed bugs […]

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