A message from Virginia to internet lenders that prey on our residents:

The Virginia Poverty Law Center has teamed up with the law firms of Kelly and Crandall and Consumer Litigation Associates.  Our goal is to “bite” unlawful internet lenders in a way that sends a message: Your loans violate state and federal law and are hurting Virginians by trapping them into extremely high-cost debt, ruining their […]

First RAM Clinic to Southside VA Sponsored by Healthcare Navigator

VPLC Healthcare Navigator team joins effort to bring healthcare clinic to Southside Virginia Elise Brown, a healthcare navigator in Emporia, VA, took on the massive undertaking of getting the RAM (Remote Area Medical) clinic, famous for providing healthcare to thousands in Southwest Virginia, to the Southside region. Emporia and other parts of  Southside Virginia have […]

Why is Congress trying to gut laws passed to deal with Wall Street abuses?

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on the so-called CHOICE Act, which would essentially undo all the protections put in place after the last Great Recession and bank bailout.   Here are a few questions we all must consider and ask of our Congressional representatives as they prepare to take America’s financial marketplace […]

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