Eviction Spotlight: Woman with P.h.D. fights eviction with assistance from the Helpline

Christina,* a single woman with a Ph.D. but a temporary disruption in her work, got behind on her rent, and her landlord filed an Unlawful Detainer. She contacted the Helpline and sent in copies of the notices she had received along with her lease. A Helpline attorney reviewed everything she sent and informed her that […]

We need high-quality representation for children. Family First Act funds can help.

At a discussion earlier this spring, Virginia youth shared experiences of working with the attorneys who represented their interests while they were in foster care. Some said they never met their attorneys; one said hers didn’t believe her when she told him she and her siblings were being abused in their foster home. This year’s […]

Escaping Domestic and Sexual Violence while Undocumented: One Survivor’s Story

By Susheela Varky, Director of the Center for Family Advocacy and Legal Assistance for Victim-Immigrants of Domestic Abuse (LA VIDA) Program Think back to when you fell in love with your last partner. You wanted to spend as much time as possible with that person. Every little thing they did was charming and fun. They […]

Eviction Spotlight: Helpline stops wrongful eviction for woman living in Central Virginia mobile home park

Janice* is a resident in a mobile home park in Central Virginia where she has lived for the past several years. She only had trouble paying rent once last year, and the landlord filed an Unlawful Detainer in the General District Court to evict her. Janice paid what she owed before the court date, known […]

A company went bankrupt and left over 200 employees without jobs or health insurance. Enroll Virginia stepped in to help.

Recently, 240 employees of a Virginia business showed up for work and were informed that their employer had gone bankrupt. These employees were afforded a few minutes to gather their personal belongings and left with no employment and, for those who were enrolled in the companies benefits, no health insurance. Virginia Poverty Law Center’s Enroll […]

Volunteers Needed for Eviction Legal Helpline

Research shows that eviction is a significant cause, not just a result, of poverty. And Virginia is suffering an eviction crisis among the worst in the nation. But no one should be forced from their home and have their life turned upside down simply because they don’t know their rights. Easy access to reliable legal information […]

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