Happy Thanksgiving from VPLC

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, VPLC is grateful for: The legal aid community around Virginia: This group of dedicated attorneys and staff work tirelessly to provide civil legal assistance to low-income individuals.  We are grateful to be able to work with such a passionate group and are proud that we can provide trainings […]

Open Enrollment Starts November 15th!

Open Enrollment Begins on November 15! VPLC staff involved in healthcare access and outreach joined Governor McAuliffe, Secretary Hazel, and other officials at the Vernon J. Harris Medical Center in Richmond to kick-off the open enrollment process, which begins Saturday, November 15th. Healthcare Navigators, in-person assistors, and outreach and education specialists are trained and ready […]

VPLC, Along with Two Other Law Firms, File Class Action Law Suit

“They were debiting my bank account and causing overdrafts so I had to close the account and default on the loan.  They contacted my in-laws (I don’t know how they found them!) and told them they would have to go to court to testify because I was being arrested for bank fraud.” “I told them […]

FAMIS: A Success Story That’s in Jeopardy

FAMIS, the public health insurance program for low-income families, along with Medicaid, has helped reduce the number of uninsured children in Virginia by 24% from 2008 to 2013. Comprehensive, child-centered benefits and affordable cost-sharing with families make FAMIS an effective means of ensuring that children in low-income, working families grow up getting the preventive and […]

Please Go Out and Vote Today!

November 4.  Election Day in America. Have you gone to the polls yet to cast your vote?  Today is the day that our voices are heard and we all have the same say.  Young or old, rich or poor, this is the time we are all equal.  Regardless of which political party you support, and […]

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