Child & Family 2017 GA Update

VPLC has been working on two bills, HB1786 and SB1086, which relate to substance-exposed newborns. The bills modify Virginia Code sections 63.2-1505, 63.2-1506, and 63.2-1509. The main purpose of this legislation is to bring Virginia’s code sections in line with changes made last year to the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). These […]

Action Needed – Oppose HB2213 -PLEASE CALL TODAY!

There are several very disturbing bills pending at the General Assembly that would limit/cut TANF and SNAP (food stamps) benefits. The good news is VPLC has already killed several SNAP bills that would have prohibited waivers of SNAP work requirements in areas of high unemployment/few jobs. The bad news is we are still facing TANF […]

Support Bills That Will Help Keep Vulnerable Children In School

Long-term suspensions are harmful to children.  Students excluded from school are more likely to experience academic and social deficits, drop out of school, and be at risk for mental health and substance abuse issues. VPLC currently supports HB1534 & HB1536 (Del. Bell) Additionally, we appreciate the following bills SB995 & SB997 (Sen. Stanley); SB1163 (Sen. Reeves); ; as well […]

VPLC Opposes HB 2213

VPLC Opposes HB 2213 Because It Would Hurt The Poorest Virginia Families’ Opportunities To Become Self-Sufficient And Independent.   Currently, the poorest families in Virginia can receive cash assistance from the TANF program (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) for a maximum of 60 months.  The average monthly benefit is just $267, and non-exempt adults are already […]

Line of Credit lenders are out of control and need some reasonable limits

Delegate David Yancey has tried for years to put some reasonable limits on the odious practices of former payday lenders that now evade regulation with their “line of credit” loans. HB 2465 is a common sense Bill that puts some of the same restrictions on these loans that are in place for payday loans: 1. […]

Virginians caught in the line of credit loan debt trap tell their story

R. Z. (DINWIDDIE, VA) I had fallen behind on rent, and to try to catch up on my bills I got a line of credit from a company called Cash 2-U. My only source of income was my disability check, and I use it to take care of myself and my grandchild. Even though they […]

Healthcare For All Virginians 2017 Platform

HEALTHCARE FOR ALL VIRGINIANS 2017 PLATFORM VPLC is part of the Healthcare for All Virginians coalition and below is the coalition’s 2017 Platform. Both President-Elect Trump and the Republican Caucus in Congress have promised to drastically change many of the health programs that millions of Americans rely on.  In addition to plans to “repeal and […]


 PROTECT VIRGINIA’S ADULTS FROM FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION  SUPPORT HB 1945 (Peace)   The Problem: In the fiscal year 2015 alone, Virginia’s Adult Protective Services (APS) substantiated 1,016 claims of financial exploitation and estimates a potential collective loss of over $28 million. This calculation refers to substantiated claims, but research indicates adult financial exploitation is a significantly […]

Contracts for Military Members

Like everyone else, members of the armed services sign up for gym memberships, internet services, and security systems. What happens when they receive orders to deploy or orders for a permanent change of station? Most providers of these services likely do what’s right and allow the service member to cancel the contract for services without […]

2017 Child Welfare and Family Law Bills

This session, the main priority is a pair of bills, HB1786, and SB1086, relating to substance-exposed newborns. The bills modify Virginia Code sections 63.2-1505, 63.2-1506, and 63.2-1509. The main purpose of the bill is to bring Virginia’s code sections in line with changes made last year to the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act […]

VPLC supports HB 1851 as a bill that supports victim safety and holds offenders accountable for their crimes.

VPLC Supports HB 1851 as Closing a Loophole Available to 1st Offense Domestic Violence Abusers Who Have Benefited from Deferred Sentencing Provisions §18.2-57.3 is the deferred sentencing provision available to first-time domestic violence abusers. It is only available to first-time offenders over 18 years of age who acknowledge that the Commonwealth of Virginia has enough […]

VPLC supports HB 1344 to make it easier on children presenting evidence in court

Sometimes it can be very difficult for children to testify in court.  For example, a child was willing to testify against his father for (alleged) abuse, but could not do so in open court and instead had a breakdown on the witness stand. It is hard enough for anyone to testify about physical, sexual or […]

VPLC Opposes SB 861 Because It May Have a Chilling Effect on PPO Petitioners Seeking Protection Against an Act of Violence, Force or Threat

  Preliminary Protective Orders (PPOs) are emergency orders designed to protect the “health and safety of the petitioner or any family or household member of the petitioner” against an act of violence, force or threat that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury. In most jurisdictions […]

Equal Access to Justice Requires Consistent Standards about Court Fees

Recognizing that low-income people cannot access justice if they are required to pay for it, Virginia law provides these people the right to sue and defend suit without paying costs and fees ( Virginia Code §17.1-606). However, the law offers no guidance on how to determine whether a person is sufficiently impoverished to qualify for […]

Adding Internet Lending to Virginia’s Consumer Finance Act – SB 1126 & HB 1443

   SB 1126 and HB 1443 simply clarify existing Consumer Finance Act applies to loans made over the Internet to Virginians    HB 1443 (Patron: Delegate Peter Farell-R) and SB 1126 (Patron: Senator Scott Surovell-D ) make it clear that the Virginia Consumer Finance Act applies to loans over the internet to Virginians.    The language […]

For Many, an Issue of Life or Death

 “This is a fight we must win” said VPLC Health Law Attorney Jill Hanken at a rally on Sunday, January 15th at the state Capitol grounds bell tower. Senator Tim Kaine organized the event where Jill was one of more than 700 people rallying for the Affordable Care Act (ACA a.k.a. Obamacare)) and the rights of all Americans to have access to quality and […]

Vote Yes on SB 1038 Vote Yes on SB 1125


Here is what we have learned about internet loans from callers to our predatory loan hotline

Here is what we have learned about internet loans from callers to our predatory loan hotline  866-855-4501   The interest rates are unbelievable and borrowers can’t repay  “Only later did I realize the 6-month $900 loan would actually end up costing me $3,019 at an interest rate of 638%.” “I borrowed $525 …When I saw […]

What We Have Learned About “Line of Credit Loans” from Our Hotline Callers

Here are the lessons we’ve learned directly from borrowers’ experiences with open-end, “line of credit” loans.  866-855-4501  Borrowers get caught in a debt trap “I kept paying and paying and paying on it, but the balance never went down. After a year and a half of never missing a payment, my balance was higher than […]

2017 VPLC Legislative Agenda

Hot off the Press and ready to view! We invite you to look at the 2017 VPLC Legislative Agenda to see our legislative priorities for this year’s General Assembly session. Each page has details of issues our staff is advocating on, what we hope to accomplish and bring awareness around to legislators, and quotations to inspire […]

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