How can Virginia celebrate the Medicaid 50th anniversary? – Closing the Coverage Gap

On its 50th anniversary, it’s important to remember that the Medicaid program has helped make millions of Americans healthier by improving access to preventive and primary care and by providing care for serious diseases. Medicaid also covers most of the nursing home and other long term care services needed by Americans. In Virginia, about one […]

Dodd-Frank is only 5 years old—why are the big banks trying to kill it?

What is Dodd-Frank?  It is the financial reform law that passed Congress 5 years ago.  What are the big banks trying to kill it?  Maybe it is because the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has forced them and other financial institutions to return $10 Billion unfairly and deceptively taken from consumers.  Maybe it is because they […]

What can you do about substandard care in a nursing home?

Richmond Nursing Home might close, but what happens to the patients? What can you do about substandard care in a nursing home? The Richmond Times Dispatch reported recently that the Envoy of Stratford Hills, a 196-bed nursing home in South Richmond, may be closing because it was terminated from the Medicare program , raising questions […]

Welcome to Shark Week 2015

 Loansharks inflict economic violence on borrowers.   “We may think of violence as physical harm. But violence is defined as force applied to bring destruction or damage. A violent wind or a violent act. However, the situations I observe with regularity are nothing less than economic violence. The violence to a family’s finances and stability […]

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