Working to Improve Laws for Domestic and Sexual Violence Victims

Every year at the Virginia General Assembly, VPLC supports, opposes and/or works to amend legislative initiatives that affect domestic and sexual violence victims. This year is no exception. As we approach Crossover (the point at which each chamber—the House of Delegates and the Senate—must finish hearing its own bills), we’ve highlighted some of the bills […]

VPLC supports HB 1851 as a bill that supports victim safety and holds offenders accountable for their crimes.

VPLC Supports HB 1851 as Closing a Loophole Available to 1st Offense Domestic Violence Abusers Who Have Benefited from Deferred Sentencing Provisions §18.2-57.3 is the deferred sentencing provision available to first-time domestic violence abusers. It is only available to first-time offenders over 18 years of age who acknowledge that the Commonwealth of Virginia has enough […]

VPLC Opposes SB 861 Because It May Have a Chilling Effect on PPO Petitioners Seeking Protection Against an Act of Violence, Force or Threat

  Preliminary Protective Orders (PPOs) are emergency orders designed to protect the “health and safety of the petitioner or any family or household member of the petitioner” against an act of violence, force or threat that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury. In most jurisdictions […]

VPLC Applauds Historic Gun Agreement that Protects Some Domestic Violence Victims

Virginia Poverty Law Center (VPLC) applauds the historic agreement between Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican and Democratic leaders to, among other things, prohibit a person subject to a Family Abuse Protective Order under Code of Virginia §16.1-279.1 from possessing a firearm. This is a common sense step toward promoting victim safety and holding perpetrators accountable […]

A Survivor’s Story

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, VPLC Staff Attorney Susheela Varky shares the story of one client who made it out of the hidden cycle of violence with help from multiple VPLC staff and other advocates. Luisa[1] lifts the heavy vacuum cleaner and other cleaning supplies into the back of her van. She just […]

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